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Terms of Use

1- Welcome to our website My Movies Zone, It’s about the entertainment industry, covering Hollywood, trending news about movies, music, and celebrities, etc. Here you get every gossip, update, movie, web series, TV show-related information, etc. When you visit our website My Movies Zone you agree that you are accepting all terms and conditions of our website related to its use and personal information that you will give to it when you register or make a user account at My Movies Zone. If you agree to our terms and conditions, then only you will be entitled to use our website. If you are not in compliance with accepting our terms and conditions, then please do not surf our website.

2- My Movies Zone website expects all visitors to follow and accept all terms and conditions that it has framed concerning its use. This website has also made rules for those persons who use this website and upload video content and other information. This website also has links that are concerned with third-party websites that are not owned by My Movies Zone. Our website does not have any responsibility for terms and conditions related to the content related to third-party websites. Besides this My Movies Zone does not have any responsibility to edit and customize the content that is concerned with the third-party websites. By using our website, you confirm to us that you do not treat it to be liable for the actions done by a third party on our website. Thus we suggest you read our terms and conditions before you surf the web pages of our website.

Website Access

1- Our website My Movies Zone gives you its consent to use it according to the terms and conditions related to it. You are supposed to surf and navigate our website only for personal purposes. You are not to use our website for any kind of commercial use. You won’t copy the content of our website without getting the written consent of My Movies Zone. You will not have any right to alter or edit any content of our website even if you feel it is necessary. For this purpose, you are supposed to contact us and we will take the final decision. You will have to comply with all terms and conditions of our website before you enjoy surfing its web pages.

2- If you want to access some features of My Movies Zone then you will have to create or register a user account. You won’t be entitled to use the user account of any other person without getting his permission. When you create your own user account at your website My Movies Zone then you will need to give correct information regarding your username, email address, login password, first name, last name, residential city, gender, and date of birth. You will be liable and responsible for all those activities that will be done in your user account. If anybody makes illegal access to your user account then our website won’t be responsible for it. If you feel that anybody is trying to access your account then you will need to inform us immediately. For accessing special features at My Movies Zone you will need to login into your user account. When you log in to your user account then we will save some cookies to recognize your IP address.

3- Our website My Movies Zone displays internet advertisements in compliance with the standard rules of Google. These advertisements will be displayed in different sections and web pages of your website like Homepages, Contact Us, etc. Even third parties displaying advertisements on our website may store some cookies

4- When you log in to your website then we store cookies for internal record keeping. We also use them. This helps to improve the online and web-based performance of our website. We represent the content of our website in the most effective way with the help of cookies that we record from your user account at My Movies Zone. We also record cookies to enable you to take part in our interactive features concerned with our services. When we record and save cookies from your user account then it keeps our website safe from negative elements on the web like computer hackers. We also save cookies to measure the effectiveness of the advertising that we do on different web pages of our website.

5- When you land on our website My Movies Zone then you agree that our spiders will crawl your IP address so that they might know what kind of activities you are doing after login into your user account from your computer. You are not entitled to collect any personal information from our website. You are not allowed to do any kind of commercial activities on our website through your user account.

User Submissions

1- The website of My Movies Zone will give you permission to upload your photos and videos including audio clips according to the terms and rules that are prescribed for the users of our website. You can even host your submitted content with our permission. Yet our website does not guarantee to protect your submitted from getting copied or stolen by third-party people.

2- You will be responsible and liable for all the content that you submit, upload, and share with other users on our website. Thus you will have to assure us that you have all the licenses and copyrights of all that content like news, videos and audio, and photos that you upload on our website.

3- When you log in to your user account and upload any kind of stuff to entertain other users at our website then our customer support will check the explicitly of that content. After this step, you will be granted consent to upload and share your stuff with others on our website. You will have the right to submit that material that has legal copyrights and trademarks. When you upload such legal stuff then our website also remains safe from charges of stealing and copying content and stuff from other websites on the internet.

4- You are supposed not to submit false news and information that may damage the goodwill and reputation of our website. Just submit that stuff whose legal and genuine owner you are and not others. Never steal that stuff whose copyrights are owned by a third party. If you publish any kind of falsehood then it could damage the goodwill of third parties and our website.

5- If you submit illegal, offensive, explicit, harassing, and pornographic material then it would not be accepted by our uploading server as our experts will recognize what kind of stuff you are uploading.

6- If publish defamatory stuff on our website then we will remove it as this activity will be treated as an illegal offense.

Warranty Disclaimer

With us, you agree that you will use our website My Movies Zone as your own responsibility. When you do this then the officers, operators, directors, customer care, and employees will provide you with a warranty concerning their services to you.