Echoes (2022) Netflix Series Review | Echoes 2022 TV Series Review

Echoes is a mystery, thriller series released on Netflix. There are 7 episodes in this series, each of which is about 40 minutes. This is a limited series whose story ended in season 1, so you will not have to wait for season 2 of this story.

Echoes 2022 Netflix Series Details

Series Name Echoes
Release Date August 19, 2022
Genres Drama, Mystery, Thriller, US TV Shows
IMDB Rating 5.9/10
Episodes 7
Original Language English
Sex & Nudity Adult Scenes Available
Creator / Writer Vanessa Gazy
Director Kat Candler, Li Lu, Anna Mastro, Valerie Weiss
Music Director Brendan Angelides
Producer Vanessa Gazy, Brian Yorkey, Imogen Banks, Quinton Peeples
Production CompaniesEndemol Shine Australia, Netflix
Official Site Official Netflix
Certificate TV-MA
Runtime 5 hours 26 minutes
Aspect Ratio 16:9 HD
Sound Mix Dolby Atmos
Countries Of Origin Australia, United States
Cast Michelle Monaghan, Matt Bomer, Jonathan Tucker,
Daniel Sunjata, Ali Stroker, Karen Robinson, Celia Weston,
Gable Swanlund, Rosanny Zayas, Michael O’Neill

Echoes Netflix Series Storyline

In this series, we see the story of Leni and her sister Gina. Leni and Gina are two lookalike excuses that are so identical that no one can tell the difference between their way of speaking, their behavior, their haircut, and even their tiny body marks. They both look exactly alike. Both these excuses have been playing the game of swapping since childhood. This means Leni becomes Gina and Gina becomes Leni but difficulties start in Gina’s life when one day suddenly Lena goes missing and then Gina has to face many difficulties due to this swapping game. And then you have to watch this series to know what happens in the story.

Echoes 2022 Netflix Series Trailer

Review of Echoes Mini-Series

Echoes is the quest story of a missing person. There are two sisters in this show Leni and Gina, both these characters are played by the same girl named Michelle Monaghan. The casting of this series is very good because the roles played in this show have played very well. In this series, something happens in Leni and Gina’s childhood in their very early life that causes them to decide that they will swap their lives. Why these two decide to swap lives is a mystery that is huge. After this, their life stage passes in many ways. Teenage age also comes in this and the present time which is going on now also comes. Everything was going well until one of these girls went missing and this opens the box of Mysteries. And you do not understand now which girl is Leni and which is Gina and which of them has gone missing and whose life has become more disturbed. So this mystery has been prepared, it moves slowly and you have a lot of fun in it. But you will have to watch this series with a lot of patience, you cannot skip it at all, otherwise, you may find it difficult to understand this story. Now, who is missing in this series, and will she be able to find it or not? To know all this you have to watch this series.

Natural Beauty has been used well in this series, but the VFX, etc. which have been used in the 5th episode and last episode will seem a bit strange or awkward to you. Production quality is not that great in that sense. There seems to be a bit of money spent on the production quality, and even the music in this series won’t make you feel like it’s new. You will already hear this music in a mystery or thriller movie. The rest of the characters in this show, roles are quite good. If we look at the story-wise, it is quite dragged. It didn’t need 7 episodes, it only needed 4 episodes according to us. Also, the production quality of this Echoes Series could have been improved. But still, this series is worth watching because the reason for swapping, the old life case, and the mystery which happens inside it have been shown very well. We can give this movie a 06/10 rating. You just have to watch it with a little care to enjoy this mini-series, you can’t watch it in a hurry.

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